Phantom Blues Band

Phantom Blues Band

The Phantom Blues Band was formed as a studio band to backup Taj Mahal on his CD, ‘Dancing’ the Blues’.
Their association with Taj led to headlining clubs, theatres and festivals throughout the U.S., Europe and Japan and being honored with two Grammys and a W.C.Handy Blues Award.  

Their Texas, Kansas and Oklahoma musical roots have afforded them well in their decades as Hollywood studio musicians, recording with many notable recording artists including Bonnie Raitt, Stevie Ray Vaughan, The Rolling Stones, Taj Mahal, Joe Cocker, Jimi Hendrix, Etta James, Elton John, Leon Russell, Little Feat, and B.B. King.

At heart, The Phantom Blues Band’s sound is a cross-breeding of many different musical styles which includes Blues, Jazz, R&B, Gospel, Rock and Roll and Reggae.

With ‘Inside Out’, the band’s third CD, all the elements of their collective experience as players, producers and composers come together as they pay homage to their musical heroes and push forward with exciting new music. Their take on several old 1950’s R&B chestnuts is refreshing in it’s originality.

‘Inside Out’ features band members Tony Braunagel, Larry Fulcher, Mike Finnigan, Darrell Leonard, Joe Sublett and Johnny Lee Schell with a little help from world renowned session players Lenny Castro on percussion and Crusader founding member and keyboard player Joe Sample.

This is music that goes down deep inside your heart and soul.